episode ii: performance review (COMING SOON)

How do you go about giving yourself a performance review?

What characterizes "success" for a project?  Is "success" something you get to decide you've achieved?  Or, is it placed upon you by external sources?  Validation and praise from other people are crucial ingredients for commercial success, but how do others' opinions influence your understanding of your personal success?  How do you know when to listen to negative feedback?  How do you manage uncertainty about the future?  

With the help of guest co-host, Allieren Ward (Future Celebrity for her work in Dispute Resolution and Management), these questions and more are posed to Dana VanVeller and Lindsay Anderson of FEAST, and Josh Hyslop of Joshua Hyslop

This episode was recorded over a stupidly beautiful afternoon around my backyard table on August 27th, in Vancouver, BC.



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